Wildernest is a picturesque farmhouse project in idyllic, natural surroundings far away from the heat and grime of the concrete jungle.

On offer are 128 Plots of 1 Acre each, fully developed with essential amenities. The word is already out and not suprisingly, the best plots are running out fast. So don't lose a moment more. Drop in today and finalise yours first right away.
Nestled amongst the 160 acres the Wildernest Resort offers plenty of recreation for eveyone. On and around the resort you can take advantage of the following facilities and activities at your disposal.

BEAUTIFUL skies, mountains, waters, and
endless scenery!

Immerse yourself & create your own sense of experience with our facilities & services.

We are sure that you will find the resort facilities more than satisfactory. We have everything that it takes to make your trip comfortable, safe and fun.
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